Gilda’s Club could not function without volunteers.  It’s really that simple.  Our volunteers regularly assist us in providing the services we offer to individuals and families affected by cancer.  On a weekly basis volunteers provide roughly 40+ hours to Gilda’s Club.  Whether their time is spent in Noogieland with the kids, facilitating workshops, gardening, or even delivering calendars around town…the term ‘dedication’ is an understatement.

We are very thankful for all those who help us carry out our mission and want to share a note sent to us by one of our most dedicated volunteers.  It’s so wonderful to hear about experiences like this!


Hi Gilda’s friends,

I had the pleasure of an enlightening volunteer experience today at St. Paul the Apostle’s health and wellness fair in Davenport. The event was a very positive experience in many ways and I want to share some bits and pieces of the day with you of the uplifting responses from the grade school students stopping by Gilda’s Club booth:

Children were exceptionally polite and asked questions with sincere interest. Here are some comments:

  • “What does Gilda’s do to make people feel better?”
  • “I’ve seen that red door before”
  • “ I have run a 5K with Gilda’s, it helps sick people feel better”
  • “Do you know ………….? She helps at Gilda’s and is my relative or friend”

When asked if the students knew anyone with cancer, many said yes:

  • “My friend from school. He was sick and missed school a long time but is better now”
  • “My grandma, aunt, brother, dog had cancer”

When asked if they were feeling better, they replied:

  • “Yes, it’s been  a few years since they had cancer”
  • “Yes, but still getting medicine”
  • “Kind-of, but their hair fell out”
  • “I know they are better because they are in heaven”

When sharing fun handouts, many of the students knew about “Willie’s Wagon” book and faces lit up with big smiles. They couldn’t believe they could have a book for themselves. The students also loved the tattoos and activity sheets and book marks.

St. Paul the Apostle’s students and teachers projected such an uplifting experience. I was personally touched by being amongst the very well behaved youth with their sincere caring communication, display of being extremely polite and full of interest and energy for learning of health.

The Quad City community is very fortunate to have Gilda’s Club and each of the staff and all volunteers. Thank you for extending today’s volunteer event with me.  It was an honor to represent Gilda’s Club as well as being given the ‘gift’ of joy in return.



Colleen Watts

Gilda’s Volunteer