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Support & Networking Groups

Group support provides you opportunities for connection with others who are sharing a similar experience and the comfort in knowing you are not alone. At Gilda’s Club, we currently offer weekly support groups that are facilitated by professionally led mental health professionals.

The Following Weekly or Biweekly Groups are for Adults Only

Networking Groups

Networking groups are specialized groups which provide an opportunity for members to connect with one another about similar cancer-related issues or experiences. Current networking groups include:

Open to Options

Gilda’s Club Quad Cities has a decision support counseling program called Open to Options® that can help you prepare for an appointment in which you will be making a treatment decision. The program is available for people with any stage of cancer.

The service can help you get the most out of your doctor’s visit and help you talk more openly with your healthcare team about the things that really matter to you in your cancer treatment. In a brief 1-hour session, an Open to Options® Specialist can help you develop a personal list of questions and concerns that will help you and your doctor explore your situation and develop the best treatment option for you.

Tips for Treatment Decision-Making

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Cancer Companions

Cancer Companion is a free, peer-to-peer support program for people with cancer and their loved ones. We match you with a participant who has been through a similar experience, so you can have someone to talk to who understands what you’re going through.

Cancer Companion is a safe space to share your thoughts and feelings, without judgment. We believe that everyone deserves support during this difficult time.

Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Support

If you’re interested in joining Cancer Companion and being matched, please reach out to one of our Program Staff Members. We’re here to help.