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MyLifeLine exists to easily connect cancer patients and caregivers with friends and family in order to reduce stress, anxiety and isolation.

By creating your own private website, our goal is to help you find hope, regain control, document your journey, and receive social, emotional, and practical support from friends and family throughout the treatment process and beyond.

On MyLifeLine discussion boards, you can connect with others like you. Share your unique cancer experiences and offer insights, coping strategies and inspiration. Covering a wide range of topics like coping with side effects of cancer treatment, nutrition with cancer, and caregiver support, our discussion boards are moderated by licensed mental health professionals and are available 24/7.

Ina® – Intelligent Nutrition Assistant

Introducing the Intelligent Nutrition Assistant.

I help people with cancer eat healthy and stay well-nourished throughout their treatment and beyond. Good nutrition can help people with cancer feel better and manage symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, tiredness and decreased appetite.

It’s as simple as sending me a text!

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It’s Free!

Nurishing Hope

We understand that a cancer diagnosis can bring many challenges, and food insecurity can be one of those.

Here’s how it works:

We offer a selection of nutritious, home-cooked meals prepared by Angerer Eats. These meals are conveniently frozen and ready to take home and bake at your own pace.

The meals are available for pick-up at either Gilda’s Club Quad Cities Clubhouse locations at no cost.

We believe in supporting our community during times of need, and we are grateful to partner with Angerer Eats in this meaningful initiative. Together, we can help nourish hope and well-being for those affected by cancer.

*You do not need to be a participant of Gilda’s Club to receive this resource, however, this resource is only available to those impacted by cancer.

Wig Salon

At Gilda’s Club Quad Cities, we understand the challenges that cancer patients face, including the emotional impact of hair loss.

That’s why we are proud to offer FREE wigs to individuals experiencing side effects of cancer treatment.

Visit either Clubhouse to browse our selection.

It’s Free!

Cancer Support Helpline

The Cancer Support Helpline is staffed by community navigators, resource specialists and a Helpline navigator who have over 170 years of combined experience helping people affected by cancer. The Helpline provides guidance, resources and support to cancer patients or their loved ones with a variety of needs—from getting information about cancer, identifying a local support group or just finding someone who is willing to listen. We speak your language! We provide help with coping in over 200 languages.

Cancer Support Helpline services include:

Our trained professionals can be reached toll-free at 1-888-793-9355.