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Frankly Speaking About Cancer® (FSAC) is the Cancer Support Community’s landmark cancer education series that provides trusted information on a variety of topics important to people affected by cancer.

FSAC: Clinical Trials

This free workshop was held on September 12, 2017 and focused on building awareness about clinical trials. People impacted by cancer and their loved ones were invited to join us in person or via Facebook Live as we learned how trials are structured, how to foster an open dialogue with health care teams about the eligibility and the viability of clinical trials as a treatment option. In addition, participants learned about the importance of shared decision making and were introduced to resources to help facilitate these conversations.

Featured speakers included:

  • Kim Turner, Clinical Trials Nurse, Genesis Cancer Care Institute
  • Katy D’Aprile, Clinical Trials Nurse, Holden Cancer Center Quad Cities
  • Shelle Sikkema, Clinical Trials Nurse, Unity Point-Moline

We also heard from several cancer survivors about their experiences with clinical trials.

FSAC: Coping with the Cost of Care

Coping with the Cost of Cancer Care is a practical guide to navigating the complex challenges of managing the expenses associated with the cost of cancer care.

Course Workbook
This Self-Paced eLearning tool is supplemented with a workbook. Throughout the course, specific pages of the workbook will be referenced. Please keep the workbook handy (on screen, or printed) as you complete the course so you may easily access the additional information it provides.

If you prefer to receive a hard copy of the workbook, please contact Kelly or Melissa at Gilda’s Club: 563-326-7504 or

Course Instructions
Before launching the course, please take a moment to download and print these helpful instructions on utilizing the Self-Paced eLearning tool.

If you have any questions about this course, please contact Kelly or Melissa at Gilda’s Club: 563-326-7504 or

FSAC: Treatment & Side Effects


Gilda’s Club hosted a free workshop for cancer patients and their caregivers entitled “Frankly Speaking About Cancer Treatment” on September 29, 2015.  Designed to help people understand and manage the physical and psychological side effects of treatment.

“As people live longer with cancer,” said Melissa Wright, Program Director, Gilda’s Club, “effectively managing the physical and psychological effects of treatment is increasingly important to improving quality of life.”  Today more than 10 million Americans are cancer survivors, many of whom regularly receive a range of cancer-related treatments.

The Workshop included:

Katie Browne MS, RN, NP-C, Iowa Cancer Specialists,
Davenport, Iowa

Frankly Speaking About Cancer Treatment is part of a Frankly Speaking About Cancer series, a collection of cancer-related education programs created by Cancer Support Community.  The Frankly Speaking About Cancer Treatment program is made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Amgen Inc.

CancerEd Online

CancerEd Online is the Cancer Support Community’s newest interactive educational program for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. CancerEd Online Quick Guides cover what you need to know about topics like self-advocacy, new ways of managing cancer care and precision medicine. Most quick guides last 5-10 minutes.

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