Ten years ago, Kendra Bries and her family took advantage of the services that Gilda’s Club and Noogie Land offers.  Now, as a high school student involved in girl scouts, Kendra is giving back.  Here is what she has to say regarding her project for Gilda’s Club:

“This year, while trying to choose my Silver Award project, I decided to give back to this place that had helped us so much many years ago. I talked with Melissa Wright, the Program Director, and decided to make a couple of Adirondack chairs that will be placed under the pergola that faces the river. My dad has wood working experience so I asked him to help me out while making the chairs. I researched different designs and chose a plan.  We went to Home Depot and bought the supplies that we needed. We cut the different pieces and laid them out on the ground.

About a month later we finished the chairs. During that time I had talked with my Girl Scout troop leader and the leaders of Gilda’s Club a couple of times. I had also spent a good amount of time in the garage with my dad making the chairs. I decided to make the chairs out of cedar because cedar doesn’t rot and ages naturally so no money is needed to maintain them. I hope that these chairs are well used and enjoyed in the years to come.”

Thank you, Kendra, for all your hard work in making these chairs.  They are such a great addition to our outdoor space and they are already being used by our members!