On Tuesday, June 28, we will will celebrate being a part of the Cancer Support Community’s (CSC) dedicated and passionate global network on Community Is Stronger than Cancer Day. The event is a day of awareness highlighting CSC, Gilda’s Club and healthcare partners and their active mission to provide free support and resources to everyone impacted by cancer. The celebration date coincides with the birthday of Saturday Night Live star Gilda Radner, whose cancer experience inspired the creation of Gilda’s Club. In 2009, Gilda’s Clubs and The Wellness Community merged to form the Cancer Support Community. To this day, Gilda’s legacy lives on in our spaces.

Gilda’s Club Quad Cities is one of 175 locations in the United States and beyond that make up a network where cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and loved one’s access free emotional support, healthy lifestyle activities, social connection, education, and referral services provided with compassion and expertise—in person or online. Across all locations, the network has served 1,673,029 participants since its inception with 327,397 visits in 2021.

In addition to having support in their community, individuals living with cancer are presented opportunities to join forces with other impacted people from partner locations to advocate on issues important to cancer patients at the state and national levels and to contribute to important research that inspires positive change in cancer care and the patient experience. If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that we can’t underestimate the importance of community when facing crisis and uncertainty.

Gilda’s Club is here to provide support by connecting cancer patients and their families with others that understand first-hand what they are going through, to connect them to educational programs to empower them to make the decisions that are right for them, to provide healthy lifestyle activities to help manage the stress and side effects of a cancer diagnosis, or to connect them to other resources in the community that can help them in their journey.  All these services are provided at no cost to anyone that is impacted by cancer.

Ready to get involved? Follow us on social media for the latest updates and then on June 28, help us raise awareness of our free support services for everyone impacted by cancer. Share our messages with family and friends by forwarding the celebration email and/or posting our social media messages with hashtags #CelebrateCSCGC #CommunityIsStrongerThanCancer.

Thank you for helping show that Community is Stronger than Cancer.

If you would like to donate on this day in honor of someone you know that has faced a cancer diagnosis click the link below. All money raised will stay in our community to help local families and individuals that are living with cancer receive our support services at no cost.

To make an impact in a member’s life:

  • $25 supports one family for one week.
  • $40 supports one member for one month.
  • $100 supports one family for one month.
  • $250 supports one support group session.
  • $500 supports one member for one year.
  • $1,000 supports Noogieland kids programming for one month.