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Gilda’s Club Quad Cities and the Iowa Cancer Consortium hosted a local Biden Cancer Community Summit on Friday, September 21, 2018

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Designed to inspire and provoke collaborative action, the Biden Cancer Summit program will highlight stories of trials and triumph throughout the cancer journey, feature the latest and most promising cancer research and technology developments, spotlight transformative community-driven initiatives, and amplify public and private sector partnerships to drive improved patient outcomes.

The following are videos and discussions that were part of our local Summit. To view recordings of the broadcasts from the premiere Biden Cancer Community Summit held in Washington D.C., please visit https://bidencancer.org/summit.

Opening Session with Remarks from Dr. Jill Biden
View recording at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IePKokldWAc

Navigating the cancer journey beyond the disease:
This module will provide a high-level conversation regarding the effect of cancer on the patient, family and community, beyond the physical ramifications of the disease.
View video at: https://bidencancer.org/navigating-the-cancer-journey-beyond-the-disease/

Survivorship and the path ahead:
The cancer journey doesn’t end when treatment is completed; this module focuses on cancer survivors who face a myriad of issues related to their health and potential long-term impact of treatment, as well as employment issues and adjustments to life post treatment.
View video at: https://bidencancer.org/survivorship-and-the-path-ahead/

Panel discussion:
Joining us were Kelly Sitting, Executive Director of the Iowa Cancer Consortium; Dietitian Rachel Fargher with Genesis Cancer Care Institute; Physical Therapist Chris Beuthen with Genesis Health; Nurse Navigator Melissa Frantz with the Center for Breast Health; Angela Swanson, owner of Cloud Nine Meditation; and Pamela Crouch, Executive Director of Living Proof Exhibit.

State of Innovation in Cancer Care and Research
View recording at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzlK9MIpzYo&t=30m

Understanding the oncology research & development pipeline:
The oncology R&D pipeline is long and complex. This module incorporates viewpoints about the process, from the bench to final regulatory approval, including the major barriers and greatest hopes for the future of cancer.
View video at: https://bidencancer.org/understanding-the-oncology-research-and-development-pipeline/

Harnessing innovation to improve and save lives:
Innovation and technology are advancing at break-neck speed, particularly within the oncology field. this module highlights the scientific breakthroughs hurtling down the pipeline that could have a significant impact, from diagnosis to treatment, on cancer patients in the future.
View video at: https://bidencancer.org/harnessing-innovation-to-improve-and-save-lives/

Panel discussion:
Includes local clinical trials nurses Kim Turner, Genesis Cancer Care Institute; Katy D’Aprile, Holden Cancer Center Quad Cities; and Shelle Sikkema, UnityPoint Health – Trinity Moline

Vice President Biden: Ending Cancer As We Know It
Viewing recording at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nA8TB2yi77k&feature=youtu.be

What Others Are Saying

While we held our local #BidenCancerSummit here at the Clubhouse, Cancer Support Community CEO Kim Thiboldeaux was in DC with Vice President Biden, Dr. Biden, other advocates, and inspiring patients and caregivers. Kim, who serves on the Biden Cancer Initiative’s Board of Directors, shared her take on how this initiative is making a difference in patients’ lives via her blog at http://bit.ly/2NCpXrg.