Merger With The Wellness Community

The headquarter offices of The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club  announced in July of 2009 that our forces would join together to become the largest provider of psychosocial cancer support in North America and we will be extending our reach to even more people affected by cancer. Our combined organization, The Cancer Support Community is now the largest employer of psychosocial oncology support professionals, advancing the idea that psychosocial care is as important as medical care in the face of a cancer diagnosis.

Both Gilda’s Club and The Wellness Community have grown extensively during our combined 45 year history to make a significant difference for people affected by cancer. Both organizations have also established solid, reliable reputations in the cancer community and share an unwavering commitment to quality, integrity and services based on the best research available to move our respective and complementary agendas forward. No disruption of services is anticipated at Gilda’s Club as a result of the affiliation process.