What is Gilda’s Club?

Gilda’s Club is a free nonprofit emotional and social support community for people living with cancer, and their families friends. It is named in memory of Gilda Radner, best known for her work on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, who succumbed to ovarian cancer in 1989.

What happens at Gilda’s Club?

Men, women, children, friends and family affected by cancer attend club activities and support groups to learn how to live with cancer whatever the outcome.

What kind of activities take place?

Support and networking groups, lectures, workshops and social events – all adding up to a “support community.” Please see our monthly Member Activity Calendar for more information.

Is Gilda’s Club residential?

No, but it has a home-like atmosphere. Gilda’s Club Quad Cities is specifically an 1850’s-era mansion that overlooks the Mississippi River.

Is there any charge for membership?

No, everything is absolutely free of charge for our members.

Who founded Gilda’s Club?

Gilda’s Club was founded in memory of Gilda Radner by her husband, Gene Wilder, her psychotherapist, Joanna Bull, and her friends.

Is Gilda’s Club just for women with ovarian cancer?

No, Gilda’s Club is for men, women and children with all types of cancer as well as their family members and friends.

What is Joanna Bull’s background?

Joanna Bull was Gilda Radner’s psychotherapist during her cancer treatment. She was clinic director for the pioneering Center for the Healing Arts in Los Angeles and later helped establish The Wellness Community in Santa Monica and Redondo Beach, California. In addition to working in development and administration, she has trained and supervised therapists extensively in the concept and has worked with hundreds of people with cancer and their families on psychosocial issues related to cancer.

How can you join Gilda’s Club? Do you have to be referred by a medical facility?

No, while a referral can be made by a physician or healthcare professional, self referral or contact by family and friends is encouraged. Please contact us to schedule a New Members Meeting to get started.

Is there a pressure to be “positive”?

Absolutely not. Gilda’s Club is based on the idea that every person’s way of living with cancer is respected.

How is Gilda’s Club funded?

Private individuals, corporations, and foundations have provided enormous direct and in-kind support for the renovation, mortgage, furnishings, and program costs.

Where is Gilda’s Club Quad Cities located?

Gilda’ Club Quad Cities is located at 1234 E. River Drive in Davenport, Iowa. We are close to the I-74 and the Centennial Bridges. The club house is located between College & Bridge streets. Turn left into the alley off College or left off of Bridge. Gilda’s Club is midway down the alley. Parking is behind the building off the alley.

Is Gilda’s Club supported by the medical community?

Gilda’s Club is supported by a distinguished Medical Resource Council comprised of oncologists, family physicians and many other health professionals from area hospital and clinics.

Where are other Gilda’s Clubs?

Gilda’s Clubs are located thoughout the United States and Canada. You can see a complete list of Gilda’s Clubs locations by visiting to our affilliates page.

What is Team Convene and Family Focus for members of the club?

Team Convene and Family Focus are innovative and effective steps to take in learning how to live with cancer. Ideal at the time of diagnosis, they may also be scheduled at any time to strengthen support and enhance communication among family and friends. The staff at Gilda’s Club will help you invite your support network to Gilda’s Club to conduct either Family Focus or Team Convene at your convenience.